Hear what some Students have said about the program in the past!

"I had such a wonderful experience this summer. My co‐workers and managers were very helpful and I
really enjoyed the work that I did."

"My work experience has been just superb. I have learned a lot and I am a much more confident person
now. My motivation and the confidence my manager had in me have driven me to achieve my goals. I
feel capable of learning anything now with my hard work. I am overwhelmed with this experience…"

"I was very happy working here at Pfizer this summer. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to
participate in this program. I feel that the things I learned will be very helpful in my future career."

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with a wonderful team. Despite being quite busy themselves,
they were able to find work for me to do, and I feel I was able to learn a lot and contribute as well."