Student Worker Program FAQs

What types of Student Worker opportunities are available through the Student Worker Program?
In the past Student Worker opportunities have been offered in the following areas:
• Administrative
• IT/Technical
• Light Scientific Support
• Finance
• Clinical Research
• Manufacturing/Operations/Supply Chain Management
• Marketing
• Math/Statistical Research
• R&D/Science
• Medical or Regulatory Affairs
• Veterinary Medicine

When do the assignments begin and end?
Typically, assignments begin in late May and last through mid‐August. Actual dates are selected based on the business needs and student's availability.

If I apply, when will I know if I am selected?
All eligible applicants are placed based on experience and qualifications. The screening process starts in January and will conclude in April. Applicants who do not qualify or are not matched will be notified in May.

Where are the assignments located?
Pfizer has locations throughout the US; you will be given the opportunity to select the location(s) for which you wish to apply during the application process.

If I participated in the program in the past, can I apply again for this summer?
Students can participate in the Summer Student Worker Program for a maximum of two summers.

Will Pfizer or Atrium provide any housing assistance or reimbursement for relocation expenses?
No housing assistance or reimbursement of relocation expenses will be provided. Should a Student choose to accept an opportunity through the program, he/she will be responsible for expenses incurred due to relocation.